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Self-care for the Working Professional

Apr 30, 2022

Have you felt stressed by work recently? Noticed that fatigue, tiredness, or brain fog is impacting your performance? Had to skip work because of headaches? If so, this video is for you.

With rates of burnout and stress higher than ever leaving many anxious, depressed, and depleted, talk of self-care has become prominent.  But what does that real even look like? Self-care is so much more than getting a massage or getting some "me-time". In this webinar, I focus on one of the foundational strategies I use with my clients- nutrition. The tips aren't meant to be rigid by any means. What I hope you find are strategies that you can begin to incorporate in your life that fit with your priorities and goals. Effective change is, at the end of the day, changes that stick, become habits, and eventually translate into a way of being that feels natural and effortless.  It takes time to get there, so just remember, this is just the start

If you are ready to dive deeper to work on your health and are looking for a professional to partner with, feel free to reach out.  I see clients virtually from all over. You can sign up for a free 15 consultation to work with me at



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