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Envision waking up with vibrant energy. Opening your eyes to light softly filtering into your room and the peace of birds gently chirping, welcoming the coming day. Sifting through your wardrobe with confidence, knowing that you look and feel good. A zen-like calm, carrying you through your day.

If this feels like a distant dream, let me show you how to get there by unlocking the power of nature's secret medicine.

In the Gutsy Reboot, I will teach the most powerful techniques to unlock natural energy and restore harmony within by personalizing your nutrition to what your body's unique needs.

It's time to find freedom in your body.

Learn how to love your body and restore inner harmony through food.

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If you are struggling with low energy + confidence, your diet ISN'T giving your body what it needs to thrive.

Nutrient insufficiencies and food sensitivities are major contributors to low energy, lack of body confidence, hormonal imbalances, poor gut health, immune issues and more.

Join me, Christine Simons, DNP, on a powerful 6-week journey to revolutionize your relationship with food and unlock your body's potential for deep healing and vibrant well-being. It's time to move beyond fad diets and restriction, and embrace a personalized approach to nutrition that's as unique as you are.

After this program you will...

  • Have a personal nutrition plan that fuels your unique body and ignites your metabolism
  • Have more expansiveness in your day as your energy takes off
  • Have a revitalized relationship with food as you see how deeply it nourishes you
  • Feel peace and harmony within as you rid your body of inflammation 

What's included:

  • 5 sessions over 6 weeks, drip released to you
  • A week of integration to allow you to get started smoothly
  • Grocery lists, recipes, and more to make it plug and play
  • Handouts on how to eat out while going through the diet challenge and how to befriend your food cravings
  • Join the waitlist by March 1st, 2024 and get entry to win a free 30 minute laser coaching session with me if you purchase the course when it launches.
  • Pre-buy the course by March 1st, 2024 and get over 50% off PLUS a private 90 minute breakthrough session for FREE.

Past participants have achieved

  • Connection, understanding, and appreciation of their body
  • Natural weight loss without effort
  • So much energy they took on new roles or started new businesses (this is not an exaggeration- when the body is freed up from inflammation, inspiration begins to flow!)
  • Food freedom: healing from sensitivities + truly being free to eat what they want without symptoms
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Complementary tools to support you on your journey


Vision Worksheet

Guide to Eating Out

Guided Meditation


Thanks to Christine’s support, the elimination diet became less daunting. Initially challenging to give up favorite foods, I soon noticed improvements like reduced neck tension and disappearing bloating by end of week 2 (which I didn’t even know I was bloated). By week three meal prepping felt effortless, thanks to the resources from Christine and Pinterest. Months later, I’ve adopted a Mediterranean-style diet and feel fantastic. Discovering that foods like eggs were causing issues was eye-opening. I’m grateful for feeling better, sleeping well, and dropping weight. It’s been a transformative journey, and I’m glad I took the leap.


I joined her Gutsy Reboot program and within the first few days my bloating and stomach issues were gone - was not expecting improvements so quickly! I love all the tools she provided, like recipes and menu plans. Definitely helped me prepare and keeps me on track.

I can tell Christine is passionate about getting to the root issues and helping people feel better. She's a great listener and does a great job explaining everything. In our few sessions so far she's not only helped me work on feeling physically better, but emotionally better as well. I'm excited to continue my journey with her.


A friend referred me to Vital Journey Wellness when all the "standard" tests weren't providing results for better health. I was determined to feel better and jumped all in. I'm only halfway through the program and have seen great improvements in my energy, my sleep and my overall wellbeing. Family and co-workers have mentioned how I seem brighter and more energetic. Dr. Christine is great at meeting you were you are and helping you determine the steps you can take towards your goals for living your best life. Highly recommend investing in you.

I'm ready to transform my relationship with food for inner harmony- Pre-Buy and Save My Spot

Hi, I'm Christine

And I have confession to make...

I used to think food was the enemy. Calories, carbs, fat– I was tried getting rid of the "bad" foods to have the body I wanted. Spoiler alert: it was a disaster. Bloated, tired, acne like I was a teenager again and feeling like a hollow shell. Turns out, waging war on "bad" foods was actually waging war on myself.

But here's the good news: I cracked the code, and let me tell you, it's not about restriction, it's about empowerment. I dug deep and went beyond my traditional training as a Nurse Practitioner, learned the secrets of health, and discovered how to nourish my body from the inside out. And now, I'm sharing this knowledge with you in the Gutsy Reboot.

My mission is to help every woman feel so good in her body that she can't help but to live the life of her dreams.

Wellbeing is about unlocking the vibrant brilliance and magnetism within you.

It's time to claim FREEDOM for your body + embrace the real you.

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