Burnout to BrilliancešŸ”„:Ā 

Connecting Your Mind + Body to Bust Burnout Live Event at Vida Wellness Studio PDX

If you are ready to...

...go from overwhelmed to on top of it

...go from burnt out to on fire

...go from feeling blah to feeling your best.

This event is for you.

I'll guide you to connect your mind + body so that you can bust free from burnout and engage your natural wellbeing and resilienceĀ so that you can start living the life you dream.

This is not another "just do more self care" or "set better boundaries" workshop.Ā  This will help you start getting to the roots of burnout. Once and for all.Ā 

Date & Time:Ā February 28th at 6:00pm-7:30pm PT

Location:Ā Vida Wellness Studio PDX

7429 N Lombard St, Portland OR, 97203

Price: Free

Space is limited so the first 8 people to sign up will be granted admission.

3 spots remaining!!!

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