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Functional Medicine Consulting

Pricing variable based on duration + testing needs

  • Clarity + answers with specialty Functional Medicine testing (paid for separately)
  • Precision solutions based on root causes. No more bandaid solutions or pills for ills.
  • Regular tracking of symptoms to ensure progress towards your goals
  • Focused on YOUR goals and priorities
  • Flexible frequency based on your needs + desires
  • Direct, 1:1 access to me throughout
  • Concierge, virtual care so you can get care wherever you are
  • Access to SSP included
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Safe & Sound Protocol


1:1 High Level Service

  • Ideal for anxiety, depression, and physical symptoms of autonomic dysfunction
  • Some individuals feel immediate benefit; some feel benefit within a few months
  • Specialized filtered music to therapeutically shift hearing to allow greater sounds of safety and less sounds of danger
  • Initial intake visit and access to 5 core hours of SSP music
  • Remotely delivered
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Mind-Body Toolkit


  • Start waking up revitalized 
  • Clear out bloating 
  • Balance your mood 
  • Simple, researched techniques + emerging evidenced based tools
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Self-Advocacy Toolkit


  • Develop confidence and compassion for caring for yourself
  • Build trust with yourself by showing up for yourself 
  • Bonus! Example practice to start developing your skills
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