Hi! I’m Christine Patterson,

DNP,NP-C & Founder of Vital Journey Wellness in Portland OR

I'm a Nurse Practitioner who is passionate about functional medicine with a focus on helping stressed out individuals and survivors of trauma heal in body, mind, & spirit.

I found my own path towards healing using functional medicine after years of muscle pain, inflammation, gut issues, and mood changes when conventional doctors were telling me I was fine, nothing was wrong. As a trauma survivor, no one  recognized and gave attention to the effects of trauma on my body. Even as a healthcare professional myself, it took me a long time to put together the pieces and realize that all of my ailments were a result of stress and trauma.  I drew a line in the sand and knew I had to address myself as a whole and that the traditional medicine path wouldn't serve me.

My philosophy is that wellness is much more than healing from illness. It's about looking at the body as a whole to identify what may be causing issues. And most importantly, it's defined by your terms.

Christine Patterson DNP NP-C

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