Functional Medicine Provider - Portland

Functional Medicine is right for you if you want to:

  • Get answers for unexplained problems and symptoms
  • Deepen your understanding of your own body so that you can care for yourself with confidence
  • Start showing up as who you want to be and live life on your terms

Wondering if a Functional Medicine approach is right for you? Discover with me during your free

Clarity Call

In this complimentary call, we'll explore what's been bothering you, what you hope for, and explore what steps may help you get there.  This call is all about you and I guarantee its not a sales pitch! Fill out a quick get-to-know-you form and hop on a call with me :)

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FREE How to Hack Your Hormones Webinar

Dealing with exhaustion and fatigue? Feel moody + irritable despite trying everything to regulate? Suspicious that changes in your hormones may be at play or have already been diagnosed with hormonal imbalances (such as low thyroid or menstrual issues)?  

This free webinar is for you.  

Understand how your hormones connect with how you show up, find out what testing you may be missing, and learn the steps you can take to get answers and solutions.

Kelly S.

"Christine did some very targeted testing and that provided her with the results to then recommend a protocol. Healing takes time and I recognize that it took a long time to get in the sad shape I was in, so my expectations were that it would take a long time to heal. Surprisingly, once we got on track with the protocol, the healing process began and although some days were smaller changes than others, overall I continued to feel that I was moving in the right direction. Today, I woke up feeling a new sense of energy that I haven't had in years. I had boundless energy all day, my food digested well and I didn't feel sluggish after I ate or get an energy sink in the afternoon.  I can't wait to experience how I will feel going forward. I would recommend Christine at Vital Journey Wellness without hesitation."