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Watch this short video to learn more about how Vital Journey Wellness empowers people to get answers and truly recover and integrate from stress and trauma. Finally get back to living your  life with confidence + joy.

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Do you have health problems that your doctor can't seem to solve?


Functional Medicine is a way of understanding how all the systems in your body interact together. Functional medicine is a holistic approach that takes into account all of your symptoms and looks for the root cause of disease.

You deserve to feel confident about caring for yourself, and Functional Medicine can give you that confidence. You’ll get answers to unexplained problems, learn more about your own body, and find ways to work with it – not against it.

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I have helped many women understand how to heal their Mystery Illnesses.

  • Get answers for unexplained problems and symptoms with specialty testing.
  • Deepen your understanding of your own body so that you can care for yourself with confidence.
  • Demystify your hormonal symptoms to gain control.
  • Help you understand how stress is affecting your health and give you the tools to do something about it.
  • Start showing up as who you want to be and live life on your terms.
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Marilyn P.

"I have struggled for many years with fatigue, depression, chronic cough and gut issues. My regular physician just said it was because I was getting older and I should learn to live with it. But after working with Christine and making a few simple changes, I feel like I am getting my life back. So thankful for Vital Journey Wellness."


"Christine truly takes the time to listen and understand my health needs and goals. She also takes the time to explain her thoughts, and not rush me out door. I really appreciate her insights."

Kelly S.

"Christine did some very targeted testing and that provided her with the results to then recommend a protocol. Healing takes time and I recognize that it took a long time to get in the sad shape I was in, so my expectations were that it would take a long time to heal. Surprisingly, once we got on track with the protocol, the healing process began and although some days were smaller changes than others, overall I continued to feel that I was moving in the right direction. Today, I woke up feeling a new sense of energy that I haven't had in years. I had boundless energy all day, my food digested well and I didn't feel sluggish after I ate or get an energy sink in the afternoon.  I can't wait to experience how I will feel going forward. I would recommend Christine at Vital Journey Wellness without hesitation."

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