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Align your mind and body and break free from burnout with ease!

I empower burnt out women to unlock their body's natural wellbeing so they can start living out their fullest potential.

Have you lost hope that you can break free from burnout?

Are you tired of doing the "right things" only to keep spinning in the same place, getting the same results?

Are you willing to allow things to stay the same and stagnant in your unrealized potential?

You're probably here because...

You've tried medications and supplements to treat the symptoms...

Only to get side effects and need more medicines to treat the side effects...

You've completed endless google searches looking for answers...

That leave you on the brink of a mental breakdown, feeling more hopeless...

You feel afraid that living with illness is your new normal...

Terrified that you'll never feel like yourself again. 

I used to be right where you are... and once I got off the merry-go-round, I never looked back.

...I don’t regret going through all those experiences because they taught me what I needed to learn...

After years of suffering, I found a way of medicine that actually helped me to heal my body from the inside out…

I started getting certified in Functional Medicine and now I use my experiences, hard earned wisdom, and education to help others like you.

Functional Medicine bridges the gap between you and your wellbeing by first listening to you and approaching you holistically, then spending the time you deserve to fully understand what your body is doing and how to work with it- not against it. 

With Functional Medicine consulting you work 1 on 1 with a provider who truly gets to know your history, your body, and your goals.

Together, we design a unique plan to fit your needs, your root causes and gets results.

Get the dignity you deserve by working with someone who is dedicated to supporting you.

Align your body, mind, and spirit to support healing.

Stop wasting time + energy you don’t have on “solutions” that aren’t oriented to you

When chronic stress and burnout threatened my life, I knew I had to make some serious changes.

I had been seeing doctors looking for answers to a litany of symptoms- pain, fatigue, bloating, acne, mood changes...  “Your labs are normal” became the mantra. 

Since no one would help me, I learned to help myself.  When I discovered Functional Medicine and got the right testing I had clarity and hope.

Once I had the right answers from the right tests and knew which actions to take, my symptoms dissipated within weeks.

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Client Story...

Misty, a Nurse Practitioner in her 60s, was bloated, “blue” and wracked by an incessant cough. She had gone to numerous doctors who told her she was just getting older and she would have to get used to her symptoms. After a few visits with me, we discovered food triggers, hormone imbalances, toxic overload and infections. When we first began together, she had been so disappointed by trying so many things previously that she set clear limits about what she was willing to do. So beginning with a few straight foward adjustments to her diet and supplement regimen, her symptoms began to subside.  For the first time in years, she described feeling hopeful. She no longer isolated herself because of her cough that would trigger when she tried to have a conversation.  She feels more self-compassion and love because she no longer feels betrayed by her body.  Her energy and enthusiasm has been revived and she is more and more willing to make adjustments to her wellness plan that continue to help her feel better and better. 

Imagine yourself a year from now thinking...

"This has been the best year of my life"

 and feeling




Full Body Wellbeing

Without symptoms like



or Uncertainty


Functional Medicine works with your body to restore natural balance. Resulting in health and wellbeing that can feel effortless.

It all begins with the right insight.

Use Functional Medicine to restore your wellbeing.

Functional medicine is an innovative approach to medicine that personalizes treatment based on a person's genes, environment and lifestyle.

Most doctors using traditional medicine are taught to treat for the "average patient" using a one size fits all approach.

Functional medicine approaches save time and money by focusing on the treatments that will benefit and weeding out the treatments that won't with an emphasis on natural techniques and botanical medicines.

 It all starts by understanding YOU.

 By asking the right questions, you can get the right tests, and get the right answers that will help you get RESULTS.


~ Introducing ~

Restoring Radiance

A  3-9 month program based on your needs and goals designed to help you breakthrough your health barriers, dig up your root causes, and deliver natural approaches to restore inner harmony.

Together, we'll address


Restoring Radiance is right for you if you...

  • Have been told "everything is normal" but KNOW that something isn't right in your body
  • Are committed to lifestyle changes and natural approaches for the long haul (not quick fixes)
  • Want to understand and align with your body so that you can care for yourself with confidence

Because I work so closely with each client, I only take a few clients at a time.  Apply now to join the waitlist for 2024.

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Client Story...

Niki, a nurse in her 30s, was inflamed, fatigued, and beyond frustrated.  She had been so sick a year before starting with me that she was in the ED with suspected lymphoma.  When her labwork came back “normal” she was sent on her way without a second thought by her providers. A year later she was still exhausted and having persistent generalized swelling in her lymph nodes. When we began a gentle detoxification and nutrition plan with her, the results were practically instantaneous.  She called me elated, “I want more hours in the day now- I have so much energy!” Her lymph node swelling that had been with her for over a year began to subside. She had clarity and focus that she hadn’t had in years. She was running circles around her husband on the golf course! And that was just the beginning.

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