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Burnout, Hormones, & The True Culprits

burnout hormones stress testing Jan 11, 2024

Burnout, Hormones,  & The True Culprits

From Burnout to Blinding Brilliance: My Detox Revolution

"Rock bottom." Twice. Burnout, like a stubborn weed, kept sprouting in my fertile garden of ambition. The first time, I blamed the stormy circumstances of my life: an abusive relationship, the stress of doctoral training, diet culture's chokehold, and endless cardio drills. But the second time, amidst a toxic workplace and pandemic shadows, the undercurrent felt deeper. 

This time, I refused to be fooled. My intuition whispered, "Dig deeper." And dig I did, armed with three powerful specialty tests:

1. Hormone Hunt:

No more blaming nebulous "stress." A home hormone test unveiled the truth: cortisol off the charts, estrogen MIA (threatening my baby dreams), and DHEA depleted like a dusty well. Thankfully, I knew that blaming hormones was wrong (so sorry, but not sorry, to burst your bubble if you think its "just" hormones). They were the canary in the coal mine, screaming about what was truly off-kilter. So, I began balancing them, while also journeying inwards to find the tune that threw them off-key.

Here's an example of what these test results can look like:

2. Gut Detective:

"When in doubt, treat the gut," they say in Functional Medicine. My gut, despite my "healthy" diet, was a warzone. The first test exposed rogue pathogens, thankfully evicted by a kickass supplement protocol. But inflammation and intestinal damage still lingered. Armed with a comprehensive stool test (like this one), I declared war on inflammation with food, supplements, and lifestyle hacks. Progress, yes, but more was needed.

These are some examples of markers that you can get from a comprehensive stool that you won't get from your traditional doctor. 


3. The Toxin Trifecta: Biotoxins, Metals, and Environmental Toxins

Beyond pathogens and food sensitivities, toxins silently wreak havoc within.  Molds, heavy metals (like those lurking in antiperspirants and fish), and environmental nasties like glyphosate and BPA – these silent saboteurs infiltrate our breath, gut, and skin, wreaking havoc in every tissue. A home urine test revealed the staggering truth: my body was a toxin minefield.


Here's an example of what an at home urine test can deliver:


Armed with this wealth of information, that's when the shift happened. Burnout wasn't about my life's storms; it was about the internal storm wreaking havoc within. Taking control of my health was the key to healing from the inside out. This knowledge gave me the insight and momentum to make massive shifts in how I felt. 

Food sensitivities? Pathogens? Toxins? Left the party ✌️ Now, stressors barely ripple my inner peace, and my body feels like a haven for my dreams, like starting a family.

I share my story as an invitation. Join me on this empowering journey from burnout to blinding brilliance. Let's uncover the hidden villains, detoxify our bodies, and unleash our inner radiance. It's time to rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes of fatigue and write our own vibrant stories.


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