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You Are What You Eat: Fueling Your Limitless Potential

Jun 24, 2024
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For a long time, I thought healthy eating was about eating less. Less calories.  Less fat.  Less sugar.  Less protein.

Anything less.

And then I discovered something radical.

That eating healthy was actually about MORE of the right things.

Let's take a step back and be real for a moment.  What you eat becomes your body and your mind.  Food quite literally is the building block of every tissue, cell, and molecule in your body.

Foods become the hormones balancing your daily and monthly rhythms. Foods become the neurotransmitters that fuel your thoughts.  Foods become the foundation of each movement, from your stunning smile to the lift of your arms to hug your loved one.

So if you are someone who is looking to have wellbeing, upgrade their life and live more fully, you need to take stock of what you are eating and start getting MORE of what your body needs. 

*AND* what you need to reach your limitless potential is unique to you. So the truth is, that what falls in this list may or may not be what you specifically need (more on that below).

I like to make things easy and and at least throw out some ideas of generally good places to star. So here is a list of 10 foods that I make sure to keep in stock in my kitchen that help support my energy so that I can live each day to my fullest.

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Garlic
  • Lemon
  • Broccoli
  • Blueberries
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Spinach
  • Wild-caught salmon
  • Green tea

As much as you are able, try to buy organic ingredients to avoid additives such as pesticides that can have a detrimental effect on your body and microbiome.

Again, your body has specific needs. What's right for one person, isn't right for another- even when it's labeled "healthy."

So here is one of the best ways that to find out what nutrients you need specifically (no more guesswork or mystery!). 

๐Ÿ‘Functional Medicine Lab Testing๐Ÿ‘

Two tests in particular stand out above the pack.

An organic acid test (my favorite is the NutrEval) can help identify functional levels and needs for specific nutrients.  What I love about NutrEval is that it also then provides a list of foods where you can find these nutrients. 

There also may be foods you want to avoid (because of food sensitivities or allergies) so food sensitivity testing can be super helpful.  Some people may choose to do a temporary elimination diet challenge instead, because testing is expensive and can also have false positives and false negatives.  What pops up in a food sensitivity test may or may not actually be causing issues (confusing, I know).  So ultimately, even when you choose to do a food sensitivity test, you would ideally follow this with a temporary elimination and reintroduction of those specific foods that you tested positive too.

Tests like these help you tailor your diet without the guess work (cus isn't it exhausting to keep trying diet after diet not knowing if its working?! That's not accessing your limitless potential at all!)

There are also tests that your traditional doctor can order like an iron panel, CBC, CMP, Vitamin D, and Homocysteine that can help you too.

What's most important at the end of the day is that your diet is as unique as you are.  The foods you eat can help you feel good from the inside out, as well as reflect your unique culture, heritage, and upbringing.

If you want to dig deeper into personalizing your diet to meet your body's needs, I walk you step by step in how to do this in the Gutsy Reboot- a special 5 week course designed to help you find harmony within.

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