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The Toxicity In Your Body During Burnout is Fueled By This One Thing

Dec 28, 2023

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Inhale the familiar rush of the modern world – deadlines, demands, distractions. Exhale… and release something deeper, something unseen. 

It's the grip of stress, pervasive and persistent, lurking around every corner.

 This chronic burden, a silent thief of vitality, shortens lives and whispers doubts about our well-being. It cripples our body's natural dance of self-renewal – the essential detoxification that cleanses and regenerates.

 Stress, in its many guises, throws a wrench into this vital process. Imagine the liver and gut, our detox powerhouses, sluggish and overwhelmed, like traffic on a highway jam. This backlog, this congestion, whispers in the form of fatigue, sluggish digestion, and that nagging feeling of being just… off.

The culprit? The vagus nerve, our body's conductor of calm. When stress tightens its grip, this crucial channel dims, leaving our internal orchestra out of tune. The liver and gut, left uncoordinated, falter in their detoxification symphony. 

You can reclaim the rhythm. It's not about conquering stress, but learning to dance with it, to find pockets of peace within the whirlwind. Here are a few possibilities:

1. The Dance of Elimination: 

Let go. Move things out. Embrace the simple power of a daily, healthy bowel movement. Consider gentle support like magnesium oxide to keep the rhythm flowing. Be sure to talk with your doctor about this as some people should not take magnesium supplements, especially those with kidney issues.

2. Tuning the Vagus: 

Nurture your nervous system, the conductor of your inner orchestra. Sing, hum, laugh, gargle – reawaken the playful whispers of joy. Embrace the sting of a cold shower, a jolt of rejuvenation. Breathe deeply, a conscious pause in the frenetic beat.

 3. Mindful Inquiry

Have you ever felt the echo of worry churning within, louder than any real-world storm? Seneca understood, declaring: "We suffer more often in imagination than in reality." Our minds, brilliant in storytelling, can weave narratives that bind us up in knots of stress and unease.

What if there was a way to quiet the storyteller, to sift through the webs of thought and find a calmer space within? That's where mindful inquiry, the gentle questioning of our own beliefs, comes in. When I guide clients through this process, their reports are often the same: a lightness emanates, anxieties loosen their grip, and a smile peeks through.

Among the many paths of inquiry, "The Work" by Byron Katie stands out. It invites us to turn inward, not with self-blame, but with curiosity, and question the thoughts that hold us captive. "Is this thought true? Can I absolutely know it's true?" These simple questions, explored in her book "Loving What Is" or on her website (, can unravel the tightest knots of negativity.

This isn't a call to dismiss your thoughts, but to dance with them, to see them as wisps like misty clouds rather than absolute stone cold truths. It's an invitation to explore, not to judge. And who knows, you might just find a lighter, calmer, and happier self waiting within.

4. Embrace the shadows, turn down the volume

Instead of fearing the shadow, let's dance with it. Hardship holds immense value, shaping us like a sculptor's chisel. So, this isn't a call to shield yourself from life's grit and paint every cloud silver with rainbows. But here's the thing: our modern world often amplifies negativity. Think about the news – a constant drip of anxieties that leave us feeling like the world's on fire.

What if you minimized the drip, not the fire itself? Limiting news consumption, especially before bed, can be a powerful first step. Imagine exchanging those stress hormones for quiet breaths, your vagus nerve humming a lullaby instead of an alarm, coaxing your body to release toxicity instead of cling to it. This is just one example, a pebble on the beach of possibilities.

I invite you to become a pebble-picker. Look for ways to gently shift your own tide, to carve out spaces for positivity not by ignoring the shadows, but by choosing where and how you engage with them. Remember, you may not control the tide, but you can learn to ride the waves.

5. Find Quiet Amidst the Bustle

Amidst the daily ebb and flow, amidst the deadlines and demands, a question whispers: where do you find your rest? Not the slumber of night, but the quiet shores of peace within the rushing tide, the moments of not-doing.

It might be a stolen 5 minutes, eyes closed against the screen's glare. A lunchtime escape to a sun-dappled park, replacing digital chatter with rustling leaves. Or perhaps a simple pause, fingers on the steering wheel, letting the music fade, embracing the symphony of silence.

The possibilities are as vast as your own imagination. For there's no one-size-fits-all map to this inner sanctuary. It's about carving out moments, however small, where you listen to your own rhythm, not the world's.

Take a breath now, a moment just for you. Imagine weaving these moments of respite into your upcoming week. Will you sneak in a walk by the river instead of checking emails? Will you turn off notifications during dinner, savoring the company of loved ones? Will you exchange a rushed lunch for a mindful meditation?

So, chart your own course to inner peace. Let intention be your compass, and curiosity your guide. In the midst of the doing, remember the being. For in those quiet moments, the true orchestra of your life finds its harmonious melody.

These are just a starting point for your own exploration. Listen to your body, its quiet wisdom. Notice the subtle shifts when you move, breathe, laugh. Each step, however small, becomes a beat in the symphony of your well-being.

So, embark on this journey of introspective detoxification. It's not about quick fixes or rigid rules, but about rediscovering the natural cadence of your own vitality. Let go of the stress grip, reclaim the rhythm, and rediscover the vibrant orchestra within.

Remember, the power to detoxify lies not in a pill (though this for some may be a wise, temporary supportive measure), but in the mindful dance of your own being.

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